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Functionality Meets Innovation.

Our founder and designer Steven Sebold approaches each design as a brand new challenge, taking inspiration from the surrounding neighborhood to design the home you didn’t even know you were dreaming of. 

aDoor’s mission is simple: to build homes that we’re proud of and will stand the test of time.


Instantly recognizable but always unique, there’s no mistaking an aDoor home.

Interior design of bathroom, modern sink, black & white, unique functionality.

In an aDoor home, every square inch is important.

Every detail matters.

Everything from the light fixtures down to the tile is chosen specifically for each build. And there’s no such thing as a generic aDoor floor plan, either. While other builders are putting up the same house in 100 different spots, each aDoor home is totally unique.

Steven creates with functionality in mind, envisioning how every square inch can be put to use, from home offices, to foyers, to a media room that can be converted into a toy room as your family grows. 

Functionality means your home can evolve along with your needs.

See for yourself.


With unique touches like the pool blue porch ceilings that you’ve seen on almost all of our houses in Pensacola, aDoor homes are built to stand out. See what catches your eye.

Your dream home may already be waiting for you!

Featured work: 1137 E. Yonge Street

Build the life you want in a home that’s built for you. 

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter. The home of your dreams awaits.