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aDoor Development is delighted to unveil the latest milestones at Parker Grove, a 156-lot townhome subdivision in Pace, FL. As the project advances towards its culmination, the team eagerly anticipates the final layer of asphalt that will make planning and dedicated effort a reality.

The construction site is a hive of activity, with building pads undergoing thorough preparation and the final sub-base work progressing seamlessly. These essential steps lay the groundwork for the imminent paving phase, propelling Parker Grove closer to its grand unveiling. aDoor Development’s commitment to superior quality and meticulous attention to detail shines through once again.

A standout feature of Parker Grove is the preservation of a majestic live oak tree strategically positioned at the development’s entrance. This intentional act not only enhances the natural aesthetics of the surroundings but also serves as a captivating focal point, harmonizing progress with nature. aDD envisions Parker Grove as more than just a community; it is a space where residents will thrive in a balanced and harmonious environment.
Adding a personal touch to the narrative, Austin Tenpenny reveals a heartwarming detail – Parker Grove is named after his second daughter, Parker. Naming developments is often a complex task, but the serendipitous timing of Austin’s wife being pregnant during the entitlement process resulted in the birth of both Parker the little girl and Parker Grove the development. This personal touch infuses Parker Grove with a unique charm and sentimental significance.

Check out this great pic of Parker; while images of construction might lack excitement, the undeniable cuteness of Parker adds a warm and personal dimension to the narrative. With every stride forward in Parker Grove’s development, aDD not only showcases construction prowess but also celebrates the essence of family and new beginnings, crafting a community that extends beyond bricks and mortar.