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How Smart is Your Home?

With the broadband internet becoming more widely available more and more wi-fi compatible devices are hitting the market. All these new items are part of the Internet of Things. IoT it’s a phenomenon in great expansion, if something has a switch to turn it on and off most likely can be part of the IoT. Starting from security cameras, going through smart light, deadbolt, appliances, garage door opener and other not so useful devices (yes, I’m looking at you smart toaster) everything in your home can be part of the Internet of things and can deliver a pretty unique experience.

When you look into make your home “smarter” there are different systems for all of us. From full automation systems like the Control4 that allows you to control everything from a tablet or different panels placed around your house, a fully automated system of this kind can get really expensive with setups that can go way above the $20,000 for a full solution. But don’t despair, it’s also possible to make your home smart with a way lower budget. With a little bit of research, you can create your own system. For example, most of these devices work with voice control and are part of a particular ecosystem, apple home kit can be controlled through Siri, Alexa’s compatible devices thought your Amazon Echo and more.

I have installed some of these devices at my house and they can make your life a lot easier! To give you an idea, I’m writing this article while in the bathroom, and I just saw my wife approaching the door with grocery’s bags on my phone thanks to my smart doorbell, now I’ll unlock my door with my cellphone (yes I have a smart deadbolt also) to let her in. There are washers and dryers that notify you when the cycle is done, and you can also start a new one if necessary, smart lights that can dim as you prefer or display the colors you want, and there are useless devices like that smart toaster I was talking about above. The downfall of these items is that they rely on a good internet connection and a strong wi-fi signal. A good router is really important in order to have the whole system run smoothly as it is to have a good provider and a fast internet connection. In the future having a smart home will be really common, like having groceries delivered by drones, flying cars, transportation and vacations on other planets and who knows what else! Now I have to go, I just received a notification that my toast is ready.

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