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Russell Gillis

Russell Gillis

BACKGROUND: Born in Atlanta GA. Moved to Gulf Breeze in 1994 resided here ever since.

EDUCATION: Studied in Finance at Pensacola State College

BACKGROUND: I love Pensacola. Being raised here on the Gulf Coast, I’ve seen this historical gem of town expand in development and tourism attractions. Coming from the nickname “the forgotten gulf coast” to a booming small city that is now recognized nationally. I’m glad to call this place home. I started my Real Estate career in 2017 at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate where I learned so much from very experienced individuals in the real estate field, then landed the opportunity to work with aDoor. I couldn’t be more blessed to be here. I’ve always had a love for real estate and the different characteristics in homes and historic charm this area has to offer. I strive to succeed and enjoy my path in this field and eventually expand my career more into the development side.

WHY ADOOR: I love the atmosphere of the young motivated individuals that are all working together to build this company to a level of ethical professionalism that’s going to set us apart from all the other brokerages out there. I also love that we work so closely with aDoor Development and get educated on that side of real estate. It’s the best of both worlds.

FUN FACT: I’m a beach bum that loves to surf and spend any of my free time in the water.