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aDoor – Sky Blue Paint

Have you ever noticed some of our houses have wood or vinyl blue ceilings on the porches?

This has been a southern tradition for centuries, and there are a few different theories as to why:

? “Sky Blue” some swear that blue paint repels insects, leaving your porch bug free! The color tricks the bugs into thinking the blue paint is actually the sky causing them not to nest on the blue ceilings.

? “Haint Blue” many suggest that these blue ceilings help protect from “haints” (restless spirits who for whatever reason haven’t left the physical world)

☀️”Light Blue” many choose to paint their porch ceilings blue simply because it makes the area look and feel relaxing and calm. Another reason is that this color emulates the natural sky and makes daylight hours feel like they last a little longer.

  • ”aDoor Blue” we use Sherwin-Williams Pool Blue for our porches, which Steven says blends coastal charm with historic relevance. When aDoor was working on our first renovation (you may remember from a few weeks ago), he noticed that the neighboring porch was blue and when he asked why he was told about the first reason from this list, repelling insects. He noticed this porch had no wasp nests, while the other did. So from that moment on, aDoor painted porch ceilings blue to repel bugs, spark conversation, and emulate historic southern charm. ?

    Open your door to a conversation.