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In 2011, two long time business partners Bryan Aylstock and Justin Witkin of Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz, PLLC turned their passive interest in real estate investment into a business, forming aDoor Properties, LLC. Initially, aDoor focused on renovating older homes throughout the City of Pensacola. Next, aDoor began to concentrate on new construction with an emphasis on neighborhood infill. In 2018, aDoor completed and sold approximately forty-five units. Notable examples of aDoor’s work can be found in the Junction at West Hill on Devilliers street in Pensacola and throughout Pensacola’s East Hill and downtown neighborhoods. Over the last several years aDoor has evolved into three different entities: aDoor Development LLC, aDoor Properties LLC, and aDoor Real Estate. aDoor Development is our land acquisitions and site development entity, aDoor Properties is our home building entity, and aDoor Real Estate is our full service real estate company. We have created a “one stop shop” to streamline the entire real estate development process.
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July 03, 2019
I’m writing this article as of January 22 2018 and it’s 11:22 AM, one bitcoin as of now is worth ,510 and change. Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and even if just lately become famous it’s been around for quite some time. What is a bitcoin? It is a cryptocurrency and nowadays is accepted
July 03, 2019
One of the biggest changes a homeowner experiences when switching from renting to owning are the surprise home repair bills.  Gone are the days of calling a landlord (sometimes over and over again) to get the AC running or get that leak in the roof repaired- now it’s up to you and your savings account. 
July 03, 2019
With the broadband internet becoming more widely available more and more wi-fi compatible devices are hitting the market. All these new items are part of the Internet of Things. IoT it’s a phenomenon in great expansion, if something has a switch to turn it on and off most likely can be part of the IoT. Starting from security